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Is there a game from your childhood that you really want to play again? Request it down below and we’ll try our best to get you a download of it!

Before requesting, please read the following rules:

  1. The game must be abandonware, meaning it is no longer sold or supported by the developers (effectively “abandoned”), and there is no official way to get the game.
  2. We are not accepting requests for Nintendo games, as they are re-releasing games on their classic consoles.
  3. Please check if we already have the game uploaded before requesting it.
  4. Don’t use this comment section to troubleshoot games. Instead you should use the comments section of that game.
  5. Don’t harass others or post spam, instead always be polite and friendly. Let’s create a fun and healthy retrogaming community together!

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  1. please post if summer schoolgirls if you might have it. iirc it is made by hanako games. one of their older games i think. it was very nostalgic and cute hehe. thank you so much! i really appreciate all the work you do and i hope you have a great day ahead ^_^

  2. Can you add the game “The Hunt for Setonica”? I have searched heaven and earth for it, and I can’t find it anywhere. Its lost to the sands of time

  3. Hello. Another game that I would like them to add is Ambulance Simulator 2012. It is not very good but at the time I played it it was very good. I can’t find it anywhere. Thank you

  4. Hi everyone.
    I’m looking for a game that starts with a picture of a crashed helicopter.It is a 3rd person view game and you have 5 main characters you can control.I only know the names of 2 of those characters:Dr.Q and Vicky.i know the first “mission” is to kill a gun store owner to gain access to the amunition.When you exit the store you get shot at by guys on the roof.That’s literally all i can remember.Another thing,i played it in 2009 on pc.

  5. i have just found this site today and i already love it. i would love if you could get steam bot chronicles for the ps2 of my favorite games i ever played on the ps2.


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